From when your chid turns one, it is a great time to begin teaching him/her to put their toys away. Of course you will be doing most of the work, lol, but it is important for a child to learn responsibility.

Having your child hand you specific thongs is a great learning tool, as well as building your child’s vocabulary in the process.

As your child turns two, he/she can help sorting laundry (colors or by family members, making piles), helping you make their bed, set the table, and help take the waste paper garbage.

My son has been doing that since he was three, where he would go to all the bedroom and bathrooms and bring me all of the bags. He felt and still feels great helping out.

My daughter’s job is setting the table, feeding her fish, and making her bed, just as her brother des,

I of course go over it when they are at school, however it is teaching them to be responsible.

There are endless chores and takes to teach responsibility taking care of a pet, assisting with cooking, cleaning up their toys, etc, but it is an important part of your child’s development for them to learn this trait.