Whether you like to set the alarm and head out at the crack of dawn, or shop online, enjoy my great tips to make shopping easier.

If you like to shop online, most stores also follow the Black Friday deals as well. I advise to sign up for the stores you like to shop in for the holidays, to get their email specials.

The sales are usually early as well, so I would look at items the night before and make a list of things to purchase.

If getting the best deals in stores is your pleasure, then organize coupons in a ziplock, along with a list for what you are looking for. This makes shopping easier, for I don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget an item or two, so this tip defiantly helps.

Also I have special holiday shopping wear like a lightweight vest with a backpack, for when the doors open, I am on a mission, lol. Inside my bag I keep a granola bar, a bag of nuts, a bottle of water, my wallet, and lipstick, hand sanitizer, for there is not time for lunch, just great deals to find!

If you are shopping in a mall, I like to bring a stroller or rent a stroller, so that I am not killing my back. It is one of the best tips of all, and you will thank me later, lol.

Happy shopping, and take this weekend to compose a list, for the holidays are right around the corner!