I recently visited a close friend of mine who just had a baby, to help her organize her home. One of my tips is to set up a http://www.diapers.com account ASAP.

I have ordered from this company for the past four years and it is must! Birth to children age 8, they have EVERYTHING! Diapers, snacks, formula, clothing, toys, etc… and the best thing is that shipping is FREE for orders $50 & over!

It saves a trip to Baby’s R Us, Target, the supermarket, etc., saves on gas and makes shopping STRESS-FREE! Orders ship within 2 days, you can use coupons, and they always feature a special for first time orders $10 off Code SERFIVE & $5 off each case of diapers. (I instructed my friend to buy a few cases, for they feature the XL cases, & it is $5 off each case!)

My children are almost 4 and 7 1/2 and I still place orders here and there, for it is just a point & click away!