I was in a toy shop, where my son ran to this balloon pump and immediately took out his allowance and said, “Mommy this is what I would like to buy!”, so I know it would be a hit!

It is called, “Pumponator”, and is an air pump that can fill small balloons, or fill the bottle with water to make water balloons.  It comes with 500 Biodegradable water balloons, and comes in cool colors like camouflage, red, pink, purple, and sells for $19.95.

What I like is that children can do this themselves, which is important, and makes them feel good too!

Go go http://www.pumponator.com to order direct, & they also sell a refill pack of balloons for $5.99, as well as party balloons for $9.99.

Makes a great gift, and will be a lot of fun this summer, for it is portable for the beach & park too!  It is great for adults too, lol! Who doesn’t like a water balloon fight right? Lol!