With outdoor/indoor interactions with many children, head lice is also a part of summer!  As a preventative measure I use, “Fairy Tales” Shampoo, Conditioner and Repellant Spray on my children daily to prevent head lice.

A friend of mine’s child got head lice from a prestigious school, and almost had a nervous breakdown!  It can be from anywhere the movie theatre, school, someone’s home, summer camp, and anywhere that has fabric chairs or couches, etc.  (The telltale signs are continuous head scratching or itxchy scalp.)

Fairy tales products are also sold at Whole Foods, Babies R’ Us, Target, some drug stores, & beauty supply stores. I like them because they are all natural, safe and is organic as well! 🙂

Go to http://www.fairytaleshaircare.com to order, for peace of mind is worth any dollar amount right?  Their website has a lot of information on the subject area, so check it out!