As a mother of two, I saved a few items, one being my video baby monitor.  What I have done is set it up in the playroom where the kids can’t reach it, and instantly it is another set of eyes in the room!

For those of you who either have gotten rid of your baby gear, or do not have a video monitor, you can either do 3 things, purchase an inexpensive one, get one at a children’s consignment shop, or on Craigslist. (Just a thought!)

They sell very expensive ones, as well as have services that come to your home to set up such devices, but this is the most cost-effective and useful tool ever!  To see your child’s face when you tell them NOT to do somethings is like playing the Wizard of Oz and is so funny. (After a few interruptions things tend to diminish, like a Super Nanny episode.)

On a serious note, it is very helpful, and is a great way to cook dinner, or do something around the house, or monitor the interaction of a babysitter and your child.

Enjoy the tip!