As most of you know I LOVE to share great products!  I stumbled upon this amazing beverage called,  “Y Water”.  Go to for nutritional information, as well as where to find it.  The come in many natural flavors with names such as, “Bone Water”, “Immune Water” “Brain Water”, & “Muscle Water”.  It is Organic, and is delicious, for I tried them myself!  I purchased a water pouch, but the sell it also in reusable y-shaped plastic water bottles that your child can recycle as a toy (see the demo on YouTube)!

In Jersey City I found them at Morton Williams Market, and from what I can see, most Whole Foods and Fairway Markets sell this product as well.  When I looked at the sugar content, it was much less than juice boxes, and is packed with many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients!

Check it out… and enjoy!