A new mom I met asked that very question the other day.

Prior the your playdate, I would first ask the parent if the child has any food allergies before planing what to serve.

If the playdate is in the morning and before lunchtime, I would serve something light like sliced fruit, fruit kabobs (fruit of your choice on skewers, which the kids love to help make), mini muffins, water for the kids, and coffee or tea for the parents.

I like to either give each child a different color cup (Ikea has a great set along with matching utensils, bowls and plates), or plastic cups where I write with a permanent marker the children’s names. It’s up to the parent, but I usually serve water or have a few juice boxes for those who would want that instead,  Also I serve Ovalteen in place of hot chocolate or serve it cold as well.

If the playdate is in the afternoon then I set up plastic bowls with a few of the following: Kidzels (made by Bachman), Pirate Booty, Fruit kabobs, Veggie Straws, Whole Grain Goldfish, Celery with peanut butter and raises or made with whipped cream cheese, mini rice cakes, cranraisins, Apple Crisps, Cheese cuts outs (Choose American, cheddar or mozzarella cheese in a large block and cut evenly.  Take a cookie cutter and cut out different shapes and serve with apples, pears or grapes (cut in half for small children).

For babies I always keep a few containers of Plum Baby Super Puffs, which my children like as well.

I either serve  the adults coffee, tea, sparkling water, iced tea or lemonade depending on the time of day.  The things I put out for the children, are things we can eat as well.

Remember a playdate is about having your child enjoying time with their friend, and a small snack is a nice gesture for your guests.

Hope that helps!