I am a woman with everything under the sun in my bag always!

People are amazed at the things that I carry, so I wanted to share them with you!

Loving my Henri Bendel bag with an interior pouch great for keys, ID, phone and lipstick. 

My faves:

*Wet Brush

*SoCozy Detangler

*Goomee hair bands

*DVF studded sunnies

*Eos Spf 15 lemon lip balm

*Lululemon hat

*Leopard Towel

*Target Up Antibacterial Wipes

*Honest Bug Spray

*Similasan Eye drops (for sunscreen & salt water eye irritation)

*Swimmer’s Ear drops

*Jellyfish Squish (amazing spray for jellyfish stings)

*Hint Watermelon Water

*Skinny Pop

Of course I carry sunscreen SolRx, as well as a light sweatshirt if the beach or pool gets chilly.

Whether it be at the pool or the beach, having it all in your beach bag makes life easier for sure!

Take it from a Mom who has it covered for summer, enjoy!


Lights, cameras, FASHION!

Petite Parade does it yet again showcasing the most amazing fashion for children for Spring 2015!

Day 1 opened with iconic Chloe of delicate fabric blouses, shorts, and dresses gliding down the runway.

It’s all about florals and bold colors for Alivia Simone!

This dynamic duo wowed the crowd with every dress, short and pants set, adorned with Swarovski crystal buttons!

Vibrant & fun prints, light & silky fabrics, Alivia Simone’s focus is comfort and ready to wear! ~Adore them all!

Parsons The New School for Design showcased their top students designs for Spring which was truly amazing!

Their pieces had an 80’s vibe with a contemporary and retro look for both girls & boys. Solids, neon, unique stitching, and use of fabric were taken to a different level! Bravo!

Next Imoga showcased her trendy florals and solids which screamed, “Spring”! Adored her fab necklaces and bags which are the perfect accessories for any fashionista!

Oil & Water raincoats took the runway by storm! From pastels, to metallics and floral lining, these Audrey Hepburn inspired coats are a must!

Made with impeccable stitching and fabric, Oil & Water are unlike any raincoat you have ever seen!

Anasai’s couture shoes for girls & boys wowed the crowd! Leather, jeweled or sparkle, every pair is eye catching and made with the finest leather and accents!

Petite Parade goes above and beyond each year showcasing the most amazing designers, & fashion in the children’s wear industry!

Take it from a Mom Who Loves sharing the fab fashion trends for kids this Spring 2015!


Going to the movies today has gotten expensive, as well as fattening. The bags have gotten larger, & the boxes of sweet treats have gotten bigger, so why not divide it?

I order water only, 1 refillable bag of popcorn, and ask for a number of drink trays for the children. When they are seated and I have Purelled the armrests, then each child gets their own tray. Next, I fill each one with popcorn and sprinkle a few treats on top, which they get to decide on 1 box.

After which, I go refill the bag before the movie starts, sit back and enjoy popcorn with my husband!

This method is great, because it portion controls the amount of popcorn they are having, as well as a special treat.


Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

My blog will be bigger anf better, comming soon in July!


Last year my mother-in-law bought my children headphones for the car by, “Kidz Gear”. We take long trips to the beach every weekend, and tend to watch a movie on the long drive.

Our truck comes with headphones which can be heavy for the kids, and these are lightweight, cordless, and are extra wide, to fit my daughter’s hair low, lol!

Amazon sells them, for $25.99 and remember that they are wireless, for they have one with a wire (don’t like those for children can chew on them, and one less thing to untangle right? LOL)



The word relax as a parent sounds too good to be true, but it is so important to take 5 minutes to just breathe…

A few years ago in Whole Foods I was looking for lavender & rose aromatherapy oils, and stumbled upon lavender, orange, mint, lemongrass, and rose-water spray. Since this discovery, I keep them in the car, and sometimes my bag. Orange, mint, & lemongrass is to refresh and awaken, and the rose & lavender is for relaxation.

Within just 2 minutes, I close my eyes, and in the next few minutes I breathe deeply to get instantly recharged, and so can you!

Another great tip, is that when my kids are winning or are cranky, I spray them in the backseat, and still do and called it, “Cranky Spray” lol! You be surprised how they either laughed or calmed down in a few minutes. I also get a kick out of it to, lol!

You can make it as well… You will need a small travel size spray bottle (Target in the travel toiletry section), essential pure oil of your choice, and good old H2O. Add 3-5 drops of the oil into the bottle, then fill the remainder with water, & enjoy!

It will make you a better parent, & give you a moment of OHM, for you DESERVE 5 minutes!



I usually make cookies homemade, however I found a great product from IKEA, yes… IKEA! (Which are located in their freezer section downstairs in the food department.)

They sell a frozen roll of gingerbread dough which is delicious!

Just defrost overnight, follow the directions on the package, and set up the toppings (raisins, M & M’s, shoelace licorice to add hair or a bow, small gumdrops) in small cups for each child and have fun!

Your home will smell like Martha Stewart’s, lol!

Happy baking!


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